8.00 - 20.00 (MSK)

Origin - Adrar Tirecht Bou Oudi (Adrar Trich Boû Oudi), Tata Province, Souss-Massa Region, Morocco

Color -  Violet-colorless. Excellent color change

Clarity - Excellent shine, visible hydrogoethite (lepidocrocite) hairs

Cut - Excellent cut.

Dimensions: 22.25x14.6 mm, height 9.7 mm

      Comments:      Moroccan amethysts are rare and the “calling card” of Moroccans are hairs of lepidocrocite (hydrous iron oxide - hydrogoethite). An unusual and beautiful stone of a classic pear cut. Currently, it is extremely difficult to find good material.

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Amethyst "hourglass" with lepidocrocite hairs, 13.26 ct. Morocco

  • 26,000р.